Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 23

Still, having the last piece drawn in the mind. The charters used in this drawing. Hold a bit of the last one. Tony’s panel of the comic has the shadows playing about with office rumors and stories. The company buys trashed stoves for counters to save a dollar, a small news story to build the world. The perspective in the drawing gives a popped feel to the panel, by tying that story to the area taken in the panel. The blank space is filled up. It also pushing for work on the perspective’s effects. Move to Cohen’s world of the panels. A depiction of Cohen at the table and reacting to customers chit-chatting as they walk away. The small interactions shown above in this comic start to come alive and take the storylines to new places. That ties to the world becoming an easy spot. Like the third panel titled the mind’s path. The tree depicted in the drawing is used in the last comic. The built landscaping takes the old to push the land space forward in the drawn work. Still, the artwork becomes a deal in this part. The techniques used at this point are blending the pen ink to the page. The inked line is pushed forward, a feeling of depth to the panel, even if the smug effect is used. Light and controlled, so it does not overpower. This is given a boost. When a pen is held loose. A bouncing effect is given. Looking the same as a brush stork would. The hacking lines are short at times in this piece. The feeling of open space to the large spots. Contrary, the short hack lines feel closed and cramped. However, a speaking tick is there, but is it to say the top panel is being talked of? have the words said twisted to be the top panel? Is this evidence of the tagline used on the site? Oh, the twisted stories to come. A given clue; that the pictures are words twisted for the reader. Considering the given line to the work it may be the truth. As most do try to place the idea that all thing made hold the answer. It might be fair to assume the thinking right. Inferred the old rules are turned to a new set of thinking.  

Thanks for the time and the read.

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