Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 24

These once-voiceless images have found their voice. The world is set to be run through. With a way to ground the mind in place, the work here feels new. In the blank spaces, they become a training ground. To practice the technic of hacking. Taking chances there leads to pushing in more detail. 

With new pieces to come. Unlike the days of the past artwork, this is more freehand here, taking from the lesson learned of tracing the point of perspective to the right spot. It starts bound to the teaching not being willing to change. 

The work to do has a plan to it. The rule of the page is the ruler is to be followed. This is a practical way to think at times. On the other hand, we can reasonably find a way to break this. How does this break come? How is a lesson taken? Well… to be honest, the choice is there. Breaking the mind’s thinking is the choice that needs to be made.  

The conversations used in the piece are simple yet explain the world a little bit. The stones to step on are there in forward to an on-looker. All that needs to be done is pay the cost. Having the details there helps build new things. That is true but overuse of detail. Can push away from simplicity, which can be a mind-bender itself. 

Thanks for the time and the read.

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