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Learning the comic number 25

01 MAR 2023

Looking at this photo of work is a walk in the mind. The technicians are still being learned. The same as becoming more effective with posting to the site. As perspectives started to take the look of the comics to a new level. The sizing of things needs to be the mind’s thought and care for things going on. The sizing in this piece shows the work that needs to be done for learning. The table can be said to be oversized or the people undersized. Most likely the former not the ladder. It was made larger to fit more. Leaving less space for conversation. This takes time to balance in the drawings going forward making the work seem off. Yet that is the thing about the work, it’s off from the start and never genuinely finds a perfect mix of right. This allows art to grow and breathe and be more. The visual aspect of the fake world is three panels. They ground in their own way. The shadows are at play, A boss walks and talks. Like a good employee would paying attention here benefits the pocket. Keeping the world in the trend of it being a perspective that will get the eye lost while holding elements to the interactions. By disarranging the point of perspective. By not using a line of apparent horizon to give depth of the room. Subsequently, the point is not in the panel it is pulled away from the panel adding more oddness to the look. After that panel is decrypted, we go to the panel of Cohen. Where there is no approach to the work just draw with the advancement from the last part. Think of what else needs to be. That gives the shapes their midsize look. While a good conversation about tracking is showcased. Notwithstanding the drawing is the company to it. But the hacking technician overused in the last piece is greatly walked back. Used in a more effective matter for the mind’s panel. Was a path given at the end to this or was it a scene switch looking back up one drawing? Is there a chance to a path but how is that seen by others? Is it the wandering of the mind?

The first six “inked face” line are done on this day with “away forward ink the path.”

Thanks for the time and read.

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