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Learning the comic number 26

“Away forward ink the path”, has not been a classified thing to this point. Still, it’s yet to find that, in the current format returning to the three panels. That is the layout best used for a long week of comics. While the current is six when this cames out it was five. The story connection was there but not really. So, keeping track was hard to do. It felt out of place or just standing alone. Any sitcom fan knows this forget the week before watching for the now. This was the same set up for comic stripes in the paper. Moving forward on our path and current day the mindset of what was comes back to haunt the new. A reason for the way things gets done on the site.  

Wednesday, becoming to-Boga “to back off get it all” a shorthand to the thinking of the mind. We find that doing that resets the thinking to the current thinking of the day. And set a plan for the week’s run. Be it the La Tinta run or away forward ink the path. The drafting to the inking process. The boss’s way of getting it done. Like the awkward desk drawing here. If you turn things to see them differently you find new things. But pulling the edge forward helps keep thinking of the lost feeling that has come to this world. Keeping the mind guessing and wondering where things are seated in the space. Like any office should. Easy framing of the window behind the desk and the boss walking along the edge.  A simple drawing was turned convoluted by a single part out of place. Leaving the viewer to find the grounding to thinking.  

It is a simple puzzle piece to hold the attention if only a moment longer. 

Like the panel with Tony and Cohen chatting about the pieces hung and those yet to hang. The drawing was kept simple with no real backdrop to just heavy work to the front grounding them as the background pieces of the work so the eye seat on them as the focal point of the drawing.  Which allows the world to fit more into them than them into the world. Adding a greater depth to the panel. While hatching is still used for the tone and shading in the work light use of scribbling and stippling can be seen in parts of the work.  

The path of the mind bends a new way pulling the old along with it. In a small way to get the drawing started. This thinking guides the drawing here making it stand out and holding the page as the power of the work. It was taking notice of the way it was done that will change how it gets done. Building the comic depends on the lessons being seen in the work then and now. To-Boga is a way of thinking, not just a saying. 

thanks for the time and read.

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