Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 27

The setup is there, and the panels come to life in the comic. It’s the small details to be worked on. Those that will help to perfect the learning. With the pushing from the inked face line on the NFT market. The art here grows and asks for more.
A change of the format in a small way, or is the lost eye panel playing a trick with the layout? The shadows in the piece are where? Is that a hallway or a transition entrance to the office? At least the chanting by the boss feels right. Considering the last one. Had him saying tried, “a nice way now for the boss way”. This thing is a good reason for the employee to be scared. While a conversation takes place for ads to be run. Which is at least Talked about in the free world, with Cohen. With news of amplifying prices, running amuck during this time felt right to add a piece that comments on it. But the news is taking the seat to the far back. A page from Matt Groening. Picking on the news is not the news. At least that is how it reads in the mind. When any episode is watched. Those little lessons are the little things that shape the world here in the interactions of the charters. about water or even listening to the news can leave the mind Hyperbolic about the world. Hatching is a light use in the top and bottom pieces. The scribble almost at the door of tolerably is used. But this pushes the hacking back and forward, carting the piece’s depth. It is learning the weight of the lines that are being taken away here. Those control the pieces of any artwork. They can cast the spell to the eye of the pushing depth that is not there. The hinting of more without it being there once the lines are committed to the page with confidence to the line the eye will pay mind. And the shaking lines to shade the figures well fade away.
Unlike the mind’s panel that lacks the confidence to pick a structure of any form. It leaves an unsure creepy feeling in the eye. Try to find a place to rest and be away from the eeriness the center of the piece calls out. With a tree hinted in the gem. That allows the panel to unfold and take shape.

Thanks for the time and the read.

To- Boge, The Wednesday on any work. See where the learning will go.

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