Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 28

Time spent on things seems small if expanding the vision of that thinking occurs. What once seemed small becomes a massive step in learning. The look we take is always to see the guidance of a missed step when we look back. What form those miss taking steps could be changed for the better and guided to a new one. Pushing the view changes the way to see the view. leaving the eyes to find a resting spot. This leaves the weary feeling to the line work shown. Blowouts that shade to a new part. The crooked lay of the lines. All together bring a piece to life in the three Panels. The images hold their spot and tell their own story with little help.  The mind’s path is a clear set to the last two before tying the background to them and making the rest feel like a new part was shown and the world will soon move forward in a way on seen. That leaves you only feeling like it’s right. A step that is ensured with pieces of the last to give reasoning to be sure. But a path seems to unfold in the pointed view of things.  

While the setting in Cohen’s panel is all too familiar for one to think of anything else but safety. The pieces are in the front of the table a man yells I need you and a bird is in flight. The flower is set to the side. This part of the piece brings the eye a spot to rest that is known to it. While there are small parts out of place that just give the comfort of knowing the imperfect leads to perfect thinking, it is still used. Simple is sometimes more comic strip has to be in that framing of mind at times the simple is more.   

As the drawing in this set starts to gain more details and the storyline becomes a part of the work it can leave the mind lost and weary about where to go with things. A single Panel with a drawing done well can carry much more weight than an underdone drawing. So, like we started the year by saying the balancing of the work is the need to find the next step going forward. A lost eye can find the last part hiding in the background, but the steps forward can be missing. The search for the old thing was overlooked when looking back. 

Thanks for the time and the read.

More is coming for To-Boga Wednesday.

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