Oh, the twisted stories to come.

learning the comic number 29

The transformation of the work is seen here. What a few days away can do. Seeing this piece with a fresh eye. Makes the flashing of work to come start to show and the talent that can be had seen. The three paneled world build is there. Though it is three pieces that tell one story. Unlike most comics, three stories tied to the last piece they were. It is this loss telling of the stories that makes reading a need every day. Cause the work is slowed by doing this.  

This is the first time we see Jane in the stories buying, “a happy escape” card. The odd way for the conversations is in place here. As the work is being placed on the text and font. In the current work to find more simple drawings and easy seen words. The odd angle of the draw letting the body size feel the right way to the piece.  

While the lost eye world has text that is small and well sized to their place in the drawing. But don’t allow the reader the easy read. Even though the conversation had been a joke about a passed comic five pieces ago.  

While like the normal minds playing to the side a true show case of the work put into the world and understanding of the teachings. The trees have a good setting holding the eye a wall harmonious in the back of the piece. That draws the eye deeper into the world. Give an intelligent mind the wondering to find more.  

The looking of this piece over all to call thing forward and saying how to develop in skills to build a world that is more. 

Thanks for the time and the read.

till the next posting.