Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 30

13 APR 2023

An odd feeling is the setting for the drawings here. The text pushes the eye to see things differently. The perspective change in the drawings makes a person feel off. Like nothing is set right for the world. Viewing from a different point makes questions arise in the back of the mind. Could another layer of the world just be unseen? That is why the perspective changes. Then aging we are looking in on a world not our own.

The lost eye panel brings the opening of a moving view. With the text setting up the move. Slowly shifting the eyes to the turning. Making it feel a level of comfort in the move. While the freehand panel uses the text form above to change the thinking and keep the lost feeling. A small joke fitted to the piece calls out what is unseen to those in the world. Till the tunnel view of the mind takes over. And the work is to be done.

A Bic roller ball pen is the only tool used. That changes over time for the tools as the sets of markers start to be used elsewhere to improve or find the right way to use them. A new medium for the work that will take over in due course. A post of that to come when it is the right time.

Thanks for the time and the read.

Till the next posting.

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