Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 31

20 APR 2023

The rules get pushed.

A setup is being decided and things going well in the three panels. The world pushes its rules by unlocking a new place for the charters to play. In the mind’s path seating in an open space give a freeing mind a place to run. It is always a welcome feeling to have the space to move and see more things. The hatching to build the trees and light use etched lines. Bring the trees to life feeling bigger than they appear in the drawing. This draws the eye to move deeper into the work making the space come to life.

This brings the other two panels a new look the lost eye world flips whom it holds and takes Cohen. Leave the expression odd and yearning to leave the space. The counters pushing from the ground all parts are given a feel as if viewed by a fish’s eye. Then aging adds a new place to the world. Got to settle into right?

While Tony is left watching Cohen walking about wondering. Why has the booth been left? What was the first place for it to being? Which, leaves the panel feeling straightforward. Like it was to be a place for Tony to be and not Cohen.

So are the rules still being decided at his point and have they been set yet? For “Away forward ink the path” the rules seem to come and go as the path is moved forward all is good.

Thanks for the time and read.

A new week to learn and grow.

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