Oh, the twisted stories to come.

learning the comic number 32

The cat and mouse game are still afoot in this mind’s path panel. But every time that becomes the force driving the view. a change is coming. The line led deeper for a jumping change to the panel. The color blending of blue ink and black ink holds the eye enough in the panel of the rest of the piece they go unnoticed. Either way, the chase is still going on. What will the shift bring to the mind’s path?   

While the last time the shift of the world was a flip of Cohen’s and Tony’s panels. Leave the odd feeling to follow with questions still being asked of how, why, when, and who. While they text each other. Encased by the parenthesis to show the text messages. This is a small change for the talking instead of a guided mark to the talker the parenthesis encases the full text. Leave a mind to guess the thumbs that typed the text. Cohen off and away from the table. Even if a conversation to sell a piece needs to happen autopilot can be counted on for the task. With a standby answer for text.   

While the shadows look for ways to get news coverage. The panels on both seem to have a ground feel. The energy of the lost in the mind’s path. Given a firm guide step of everything else going on. This pushes the work to a new level. The details are starting to balance with the point of view. and around the world.   

Those keys of balance follow after this and still guide choices pieces today. As the small details make up the whole of the piece. But do not decide the piece good or bad. Just a way to see what will move things forward and bring it to a new light. To always be learning from what was. 

Thanks for the time and the read.

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