Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 33

Find the grounding effect. The reason for the drawing it would seem. Though having the grounding effect is odd thinking when drawing. Entering the world should have no ruling effect on it. A close feeling of the things to what is known. The eye looking over a blow of fruit knows the table is there and it has its place. But the pulling trick to the eye needs a point to look at. A small back-around item could pull the eye or a shaded blending of the ground and person to tie them together. Or choosing the light source in the right way to move the eyes across the surface. All little things are to be placed. To get to the point that is wanted. This can be a good or bad thing. The world drawn out will feel like a misshaping world. Leaving questions, and a place to look at that pulls the drawing apart. In some way. Add a side on the wrong side or a shape that foreshortens the right way. This on the other hand gives depth to things. It adds a mystery to the world we are allowed to view.

The light source is a preached thing in drawings. It adds depth to the world and gives perspectives to the eye of where to head for the next step needed. In the drawing. So, in learning the skill of telling the light source you learn the shaping of the world. But it cannot be the only answer. Using the right effects along with that skill will add even more shape to the world being built. Step back, and take a look to see if the world needs adjustment. And then move forward. Or adjust to what is taking place in the drawing. It could open the door of the mind to a new thing to see and build up. Like a photo taken and allowed to be placed on the wall and viewed at the needed time. A timeline of things seen from the past to open the future of the new unseen.

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