Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 34

It would only seem like a minor adjustment. The bowed line, diving the panels. Undefine spaces set the world to feel like Cohen’s speaking line. “A strong vibe” The light source is unbalanced as well. Kind of fitting to the world changing in the path of the mind. An opening eye to the sky. A towering effort is to come.
The work here is done with a full page. And only the 34th piece of the story for “Away Forward Ink The Path” the pages are still being posted to an NFT Website at this point.
It is odd to look back and see the work. That is slowly being sized down. The empty space on the page is used well. To show the details missed in the story of Tony. Yet they tell why Cohen finds the story to be a strong vibe.
As the uneven shadowing gives an out-of-place shadow over Tony’s face. That seems to run across the table and up the back of Cohen. It is these kinds of tricks you find in using a pen. It can give a lot of room to play with the hatching of the lines and create an unbalanced yet balanced feel. With a smugging of the ink in the right place will make the shadow dimer. The hatching of the lines becomes even more pronounced.
Any everything can be taught, but using the tools is something else. It is a learning that has to be done. The feeling of the pen hitting the page or the way the finger reacts to the texture of the tool. Are only understood with the work being done.

Thanks for the itme and read.

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