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based on trade – which began in the 11th century CE and operated until the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the mid-18th century. Beginning c. 1100 with the Crusades, Europeans rediscovered spices, silks, and other commodities then rare in Europe.

the application of both manufacturing and consumption towards personal usage, or the practices, methods, aims, and distribution of products in a free market geared toward generating a profit

In this sense, the term “Commercial Revolution” refers to the growth in trade and commerce from the 15th century onward. We call it a revolution because it was so big and well-planned. In Europe the commercial revolution increased the imports and world trade. Main comedies from the new world and the far East imported by western Europe such as tobacco, tea, quinine etc. The second fact is that trade flourished for several years of the Commercial Revolution not because of research to extract precious metals, but because of a new belief in gold coins.

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