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lō′kāt″, lō-kāt′
intransitive verb
To determine or specify the position or limits of.
To find by searching, examining, or experimenting.
To place at a certain location; station or situate.

1650s, intransitive, “establish oneself in a place, settle, adopt a fixed residence,” from Latin locatus, past participle of locare “to place, put, set, dispose, arrange,” from locus “a place” (see locus).

Transitive sense of “to fix (something) in a place, settle or establish (something) in a particular spot” is from 1739, American English, originally of land surveys. And via the notion of “mark the limits of” (a parcel of land) the sense of the verb extended to “establish (something) in a place” (1807) and “find out the exact place of” (1882, American English).

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answers to “WHO & WHERE or WAS it WERE !?”

office cubicles, plant, desk, picture, poster, lamp, doorway & arms

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