Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 36

A bit closer, and the water is still in the view. A calling since the turtle was up close? Even though the changes here. Are not languid by any means. The environment being seen is only changing. By the restricting view. Was the tower a misleading step, or is it still called in the mind’s path?
The phantasmagoric of this piece seems to wave throughout the rest of the panels of art. A single panel of artwork guides thinking. Guided steps lead the shadows to a conversation that fades, and not being a part of the conversation leaves a puzzlement to read only a piece. Even the lines are controlled for a place that plays with lines. The lost feeling is still there. Turning the wonder of where to look turns, now it’s a question of where in the building the shadows are.
The patrons call out of the spaced look on Cohen’s face. A statement makes no logic. Other than the call of things that could be taking place. Either way, the puzzlement is to be there. This leaves questions for any mind to conclude the close.
More will be needed to find that so away forward ink the path. The answers lay in the skills being built by the work done.

Yet still, have an oddness to them as they overtake Cohen showing a mix of the energy from Tony’s odd shadow, or was it the quietness the phone was told? What can take the mind to a new place? Is it the turtle, or it’s something lurking in the deep, or maybe something floating?

Thanks for the time and read.
Wednesday is a day to look and see. To- Boga the work that is faced.

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