Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number37

The turtle has won the mind’s panel. The Tower is to be disregarded. Still, even if moving below the waves. The effort while not towering. This should still be an endeavor that will elicit a new level of artwork. All the while, the work is getting a new site to be placed on the NFT site is slowly fading. There will be changes to the comic, and this is the first hint seen. The lost thinking of the mind’s path is shown in the rest of the work.
The water engulfs. So does this story that is disconnected yet connected. In some way, this world pulls a little more each time it is drawn. Old placements come back with a different look. Bring a new and informative look at the world. That pushes the hand to learn more in these edifications. The conversations taking place are being adjusted. It can be seen if it’s paid the mind.
As the artwork progress, an ever-miniaturistic art hangs in the back or on the sign in front of the booth. The water cooler conversation is hiding a listing ear. That’s pressed to the wall to go unseen. This push of the water cooler is a great way to see the height of the shadow hiding.
While the shadow is listing.
Cohen is seen by a service dog, calling out the stressed feeling coming off Cohen. The space is pushed about with etched lines. The change in weight and size in the lines creates a deepness on the flat surface.
A coloring of the art is started on this piece. That has become a part of the comic a map is always a need when finding the colors. Here is a peek at one of those maps.

Thanks for the time and read.

Wednesday To- Boga, A clearing of the mind.

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