Oh, the twisted stories to come.

learning the comic number 38

When taking a look back. It is good to lose focus on what is being looked at. The mind is set free to play in the work done. The hand has been busy with drawings and learning the tools to become… better.

But there has only been one tool in use till this point and one place to put the work done, a new site to work on, and new alcohol markers to learn. A blog is started, and if reading from the learning the ropes till the current post. The change in work and education is apparent. Anything and everything starts with a foggy haze trying to hide the way.

There always be a misstep with anything learned. Those are a reminder. That can be an underscoring of the conference.

But it’s those missteps that need a look. What can seem like a massive vicissitude? Work is a change that is hard to undertake if no learning is taking place.

A set of drawings that show the use of color and blending of the markers. A notice of the blending when given a good base. It was the BIC roller ball pen. that trained the hand. So, having a fast hatching speed changes the use of the markers a bit. A roller ball has a habit. To build a blob of ink that can change the drawing.

Those train the hand to think of a away forward with the art or start aging. A liner pen changes the pen habits a bit. But pen habit and liners don’t mix. So, be careful there. A pen habit tends to brake a liner. But a chisel nib at the top point will feel like home.

The changes in work are always seen. Flashes of what can be or is to come but not working and keeping to task make the vicissitudes too much.

Thanks for the time and read.

We return to the mind path next time. What can be seen for the rest of the week? Follow along to see.

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