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learning the comic number 39

A look outside the page work was taken the last Wednesday. It was a small break from the routine acknowledgment of the past work. This allows a glimpse of what can be added. What can be better? Taking the notes from the last few entries, and it’s noticed a small phrasing in the words.

Even if it’s alone… miniaturized, it’s customarily accompanied by words saying small drawings in the background or seeing the Drawings shrinking. So, given that it’s said a few times. Let’s see why it’s being said.

The picture above gives the sizes of “Away forward ink the path” The page has three lines. The first shows the start of the site. A page that is 10″ by 7″. With the next being part of the newest posting. Four of them fit one page that’s 11″ by 14″ by being Paneled on the page in four boxes of 7″ by 5-1/2″. Then aging the same page size is used for La Tinta.

A set of six panels are made from the space of 11″ by 14″. In boxes 5″ by 5-1/2″ or as close as they can get, then subdivided into three panels.

Then aging, it took a little time to find the panels for “Away forward ink the path”. And when those panels were found, it set the world up to run.

A set of three Panels to make the piece of artwork. The mind’s path is a bit blank after the last one. Could a cloud of dust have been a reason for the sight to be lost? Seem the drawing is still underwater. The elicited talent that was glimpsed from the last one has faded. Or was the work on the site making the hand rush the work? Leading to a displaced feeling that is coherency to the words.

An office has a conversation about races for money held by the shadows. The haze of the office is not present like other drawings. The lines barely pull the eye any which way, the desired feel of a cube here and only here.

All the while, Cohen is having fun trying to fish for bread. A day of fun and relaxation is always a need. It is the getting caught part that hurts. The oddness that conveys in this piece of artwork is freeing. and the reminder of why it was started. to become better. The work was completed without rulers and rules to guide the work. Just be in the drawing. Allowing the last lines to be guides of the next lines. It’s a style. Though it would seem a waste. Working in this fashion can build skills.

Thanks for the time and read.

What is to follow this week?

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