Oh, the twisted stories to come.

learning the comic number 40

What is seen? What can be the step that grows the work? In the last entry, it was noticed the work was rushed and felt odd. The misplaced work lacked growth. In this entry, the prospectives are pushed hard to recover from the last.
It’ll be this kind of thinking that is needed. The content for the site will push this thinking and become a wrecking ball. The push for more content becomes a mindset. That becomes an aimless stumbling forward.
The drawn panel of the mind’s path marrow to the thinking. Placing it in the last piece that is observed for the drawn world. The lost feeling of the artwork to this point has not been in this panel till now. A view is given. It just has nothing that stands out. There is no place to rest the eye. A space left uninked gives a feeling of rest, but it is a rest that can’t be reached. Knowing the storyline to this point of an underwater world. This will sway the panel to feel restless and troublesome. The pressure that comes from above when sinking in the water.
A fog of questions becomes the panels. A take over what is there and not there? What has passed in the world? Are there conversations that should have happened? How long is the story? Cohen and customer, or is it Jane’s first appearance? Even the shadows are asking questions in this piece. Nevertheless, like any other piece, an answer is given from Cohen’s or the lost eye panels. Just the question is into… The void of the page.
While looking at the data entry since this was done.
The photos taking and learning Photoshop to make them better for the site and learning to set up the blog site are ongoing endeavors. It’s easy to overlook things. Till it needs to be found amongst the other drawings. A folder holds the first 53 pieces of “Away forward ink the path” 53 placed all together nice and neat. When that is held… It weighs the work and energy it took to do that. A file named nft 41 or nft 94 doesn’t do it justice it’s just a data point to move on from.

Thanks for the time and read. The help in growing the site.

What is learned with this To- Boga Wednesday? Was time given to step back and see?

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