Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 41

There was a thinking to the education for the year. Balancing was the word used to say it. And over the last four pieces of artwork, it’s enunciable to say it was laid to the side and not used much. The swing in style and rushed feelings from work are compelling and make persuasive agreements of how to improve. The pieces guide thinking of how to move forward.
It’s in those agreements with how the hatching lines are laid. The shadows are shaded into the ground, where the light source originates. The manacle feel of one space in contrast to the other. Over the last three pieces, the three-panel world slow at moving is there, and the threads are slowly pulled out for the yarn that can be made.
The mind’s path hides in the blank space with a small amount of information given. But still underwater, like the others. It guides the eye to the little piece of ground given, as it is the only part of the path to go to.
Otherwise, the mind drifts away into the blank space, unlike the office space of the lost eye panel. It provides the eye with depth and where the space is even if the ground decides not to be flat. Cause the prospective to go away and give a break. Allow the timid feeling of being in an office to come out.
When getting to the freehand panel. Its openness allows depth, but it’s not the forefront effect of the drawing. The world here draws the eyes to a few places.
These details are the steps to gaining a story for “Away forward ink the path.” the miss guided thinking here is the building block for the new.
Overall, the education gained from the work is the groundwork needed for the next steps.
What things can be changed? What can grow? When looking at what was? The realms possibles is there only if taking. There are 36 pages of drawings that have a longer story. It is in those pages of the aimless content making the story is. And the complete step back to guide the thinking is being done. What will be the newer take on the old? Time tells all things.

Thanks for the time, read, and support of the work.
Happy to-boga Wednesday.

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