Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 42

It’s the little parts of a picture that change the view. What seems a runtish line on a wall pulls the eye, if only for a moment, in doing so, creating more space.
A new place to run to or find what is hiding all over in the drawn world of three today. Unlike the last time, the mind’s path is not hiding. The choices here are of abundance to get lost in the weeds. To become inundated with the textures of the leafs losing sight of what is ahead. Or choose the tunnel vision of what is coming, regardless of the position taken. Either decision enables A lost feeling that can be overwhelming. The impression of any determination is the confidence to get through to the other side. So far, the choices made led to the mind’s path here. So what fun is awaiting the next perspicacity given from this drawn panel? While the mind’s path changed.
The lost eye panel decided a shopworn look with a few items added was best to give a panel. A drawing is still on the wall, just not so high. Closing in the manacles cuff link sets the feeling. All the while, a vending machine awaits a card. A shadow stands, taking in the drawing. The hatching lines still feel off, Like the office lights are confusing when placed right above. Giving a missed place shadow. Heavy lines guide the eye nowhere. The lines become a bench creating the depth of the panel.
Speaking of missed placed lines, a fly takes over a wall. In the free-handed panel, given a paused shock to Cohen. To this point, the bug problem has only shown open a few times before. In comparison, the unwanted flower from the weed takes over. The plant comforts Cohen while the bugs are wished to be gone. The shading in this part is of the hatching and circles. It allows a smug effect when wiped with a towel. Try to avoid the hand it does stain. That effect will push the lines forward, and the drawing feels more alive to the eye.

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

What can be learned for to- boga Wednesday?

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