Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 43

The first of the stumbles to lead an unbalanced story. The world of three panels becomes a lost line for a moment. With the disaffirming step in the piece. A trend does come intermittently in the growth of writing the story. When the world of three panels steps back and gives a new setting. The skills of the world have a way of aggrandizement that forces the hand to be more.
Leaving the reader to become savvy in seeing things new and everything is going to disorder. The image holds an eye still. An adventure is seen through the eye while partaking in the three panels. The mind’s path panel has a cave bursting to life the hatching lines. A single tool is used with bravura from the dark and light line weights pressed to the page. That still feels as though the cave’s entry is in sight under the water. The smudging of the ink pushed a hazy look to be found.
The lost eye panel has a person entering the store in a fun way. While the work is pushed onto a lower shadow by an excused shadow, there is nowhere to be lost in the panel. This time the world is set and grounded. The only thing pulling the eye is the billboard. Or the shadow to the background and the tiny writing.
A phone call to Cohen while getting the day going. The push effect of the doorways leading to a little place not seen in the world makes it a playful view for the free-hand panel. The perspective of the world is pushed hard, giving depth to the world. A new skill is shaping, and the hatching line will be added to make the view even more.

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

To- Boga Wednesday, and the already told retwisted. Where does the yarn lead next?

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