Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 44

The step back today is a fun one. There was a heavy amount of hatching lines used in the last piece. This time those lines are replaced with words to texture the walls. Stary marking stipple the page here and there. A long with well-placed scribbled lines. In the drawing, to make the eye dance about the page, try to find the mate that brings the balance of the piece of art.
In the bounce of the eye, the three-panel world is confusing. The photo displaces the words hiding a part of the words, not enough to stop the reader from comprehending the writing. The depreciation of that one thing brings focus to the rest of the piece in the hope too not miss anything else.
The mind’s panel has two clear figures depicted in the drawing. One fades in, and the other sits grounded, unmoved by the entry of the second figure. As the mind’s path has no words given, the wonderment of the mind takes over for what is going on. Is there a chasing, an interval of learning, or Is the path walked to show a path taking?
The first mouse drawing appears in the lost eye world, a tale of the ballet. Tony hangs the piece in the office and goes to great lengths to hide from view. The stippling gives the feel of a ceiling tile. Given A thinking as to why the kempt placement of the pieces around the office is near the ceiling. The easiest way to hide while placing. The second part of the lost eye is a close-up of Tony’s ever-changing look, but the emotion is easy to read, like the capital letters.
Giving the path to move on to the free-handed panel where the text is a texture for the bricks. A look forward to a poster piece. Cohen is selling the poster to a customer. The compliment paid to the skill shown in the piece. At the same time, requests are made for more. Though the response is there, how long did it take to text back?
What can be taken in the step back of work is accountable to the look given. How much can be seen or looked at?

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

What does the next week hold?

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