Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 45

A growing work for the missed matched pieces in the world. The perspective used gets pushed out and overdrawn. The lack of empty space loses the depth of the area on the page. Even if the few textured parts are placed and done well still to show the forms of the building and billboard. It’s the push for the ever-miniaturistic style of art. And going over the last few pieces of “Away forward ink the path,” show it. The smaller parts are starting to be filled with more texture or shadows talking.
The mind’s path is filled with hatching and scribbled lines. It pushes the two figures depicted in the last to the back of what looks like a cave. The last few had the uncaught shadow figure traveling through the water and an underground cave. The path that was walked led here. What will be learned at this point? The pushed effects give a feeling of stepping from the dark and coming to the light. Encroaching a new way and place to be seen.
The shadows of the lost eye panel take over and show up playing on the building in a high spot. At the same time, talks about the company paying for training are being discussed. The shadows are the reason an eye will get lost. Try to configure the shadows to the place they should be. Those pushes give the connoting idea to make the drawing miniature. The lost eye panel can still guide the eye to the free-handed world and create a glancing look at the mind’s path.
Comprehension of the piece is grounded with that glance. Making the pumpkin instead of a flower agreeable to overlook but allowing the eye to keep it in view adds to the perspective of the drawing… Before noting the customer with an auxiliary mask to the back of the head and small drawings on the booth. The runtish line in the corner is then noticed to add more to the perspective.
The world of Away Forward ink the path is growing. The storylines are slowly twisted together, leaving questions. Is the uncaught shadow learning more? Additionally, are there figures to the world unseen? That corresponds to the figure in the foreground of the drawing, or is it nothing more than a cave painting of the underwater passageway? Then aging, the bird has a view higher than those in the loggia. Right?

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

It is the steps of learning. Backing off and getting it all help those steps. Happy To- boga Wednesday.

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