Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 46

A pushing of the space. Known as perspective drawing pushes the limit and skills, try to learn the correct line lay. Remaining detailed enough to get the texture, not adding what is unnecessary to the space. In the drawings, attestations can be made to critique the work and learn how to place the extras about the job… Which in turn pushes the idea of shrinking the work. The first piece that is not to be placed on the NFT website. It has A page of work being done to the side for the site. Six drawings that are free of story or ties. Just pick a piece from the library of the mind and draw. That practice helps refine the inexperienced skills.
The hand cuts away at the fog in the mind’s path of the three-panel world. It becomes unclear where things are placed in the path. Outlines can guide, but are they authentic guides, or are the outlines phantasm? Can following the silhouetted figures lead to a brainchild type of invention? Or the lines of inattentiveness guiding the mind away from the forms last seen. An oddly grown root points out to the lost eye panel before getting too lost. Suppose staying heedful on mind’s path.
Tony is showing up for work, walking to the desk with a case in hand. The office walls are there to greet the eye with a place to get lost and try to find the separation spacing of the floor and desk. The darkened line adds little to gain a lot. The computer to the back shows a land space. It draws the eye enough to add depth. Before tracing it back along the top of the cube to the free-handed world.
That has a person talking to Cohen about an order. The sizes of the two are pronounced, pushing Cohen to the back of the drawing. The side of the table makes the effect. The hazy texture bick controls the length of the nose while a flower bell pokes in at the corner of the panel. Smudges here and there with little details, the brick wall effective even more.
The three-panel world that is built is a fun one altogether. The oddly shaded to the hazy push away. Leaves a viewing to be enjoyable and playful. While the questions can arise, they feel better left for another day.

Thanks for the time and read. always grateful for the support of the work.

A happy to-boga Wednesday. With the links below. Please look at the puzzle answers and pieces between this piece and tomorrow’s posting. Give a follow to know when.

One of the first six.

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