Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away forward ink the path

Now, on this morning, little was known about the actions taken. A worker was walking to a flower. And many have walked past the flower before.
The Worker was not going by and nature didn’t run and hide. The roots had turned to steel to drive past the pavement. Anything with such an affluent natch finds it’s best to be unfailing. And regardless of the look of the flower from the first to now, it had its presence known.
But nature is vivacious will to live is a powerful thing. Although, even that morning, A group of shadows passed by with barely a glance. With it all in mind, all the hypotheses of the event to fade.
Cory Hen can give the details.

Whom would that be?

Well, good officer, the whom of the question stands before. Cory Hen call Cohen for short. So, back to the worker that disappeared that morning.

The worker stands over the flower with the chemical wand at the ready. the chemical flow for the wand even before the mist can land. The flower grows in size and sallows the the worker whole.

That sounds made up.

Sadly, the truth is a misunderstood joke.

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

A day to pass by. What can be seen in that time? Follow along to see if the next step may be helpful. The words bring balnce to the puzzle.

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