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La Tinta

A news beef.

Eggs? Or are the trades too much for that?

Not a sure bet. The trades seem off since the news stopped coving chipory that stock has doubled and consumed the drop cart app.

(line of head news)
Was the chipory a rouse to cover up the confirmed news of the break-ins at the water treatment plants? According to sources at LHN, it was a covered story by the network.

Not a sound plan amongst those pages on the table?

Well, so far, only a quick hit for money.

That sounds like a thing to listen to.

What does the news tell?

The water plants… break-ins

(news report)
LHN is recovering the water treatment story from a few nights ago. As other talking heads believe, the first covering story was given on the OHT channels, hosted by Steamtube.
There was A break-in to the water treatment plant, causing no damage to the exterior of the building. Only a sweepable mess was found inside the building. Clues are not seen or filed for public knowledge at the time of this report.

What is the story from OHT if the LHN is so quick and pointed?

Why would the other have to be listened to?

To get both stories. The OHT head may have released information that makes the story the first. Even if only that small line of info.

Then, pull one for the background player. Watching the lines for stocks. Hold on.


Going inside the bristles of the broom at the WTP. Helped find a clue to lead the story back to a janitor. As of this reporting, OHT keeps the information to date.

The story’s covering feels oddly like the star of the Chipory story. Wonder if the headline will be bland, like Water Gate. When tiles like the “levy breaks” are right there.

The bedraggled WTP It was a late shift being worked by Bradly Vincent, Leaving a piece of his uniform behind in a destroyed janitor’s closet. Leading officers to the current place of employment. When questioned in the cell, the story made no sense.

The recording of the Confession can be found on LHN’s Steamtube channel. When it Information It’s located on the line head news.
So, it’s a wordy headline. Add cheese and toast.


The bedraggled WTP.
The recording that follows has not been changed or altered. There is nothing added for the enrichment of LHN.

The blue flower brings the mind on a new trip. The power is not seen by that which can change the intensity. The change is giving the life of the unknown. allowing the wrapping of the mind to set the place for the new.

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

Where will the words fall next week? A card draw will tell. Use the links to see the other pieces of the puzzle.

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