Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away forward ink the path

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

A day to pass by, A new set to read. Will it help the puzzle? The read should tell.

With the mad cat routine done. The little shop down the street wants its story back.

Better a vine than a line?

What was the line?

A flower ate the worker, which gave the inspiration for this artwork.

Hmm… Still sounds made up… Like the artwork.

So, stander uniform for the worker that disappeared?

Yeah, orange shirt and chemicals on the back. Seen the same when the bugs were spared. If that is what the standard is for the city worker.

Well, do what can be done. How much for the birthday card?


Was there a drawing of the worker’s face?

Yes here.

Guessing the depiction is good. To pass onto the Morning officer to go about asking questions. The face may get a mind to think.

After the meeting with the uppers, the information turned in must be entered in the data of this meeting, relined, and reentered by the SII.

Okay, and what of the fashion line?

Mushrooms are the rage for now.

The lines of information would seem to be okay to assign. But maybe a double-check after, just in case, to keep it straight.

Now, put the head down and finish the fight night art.

If that is true, I will use the card given by Tony to build trust there.

Fine, it would be best.

The truth of anything is a loose rope Waiting to loosen and bring the world forth at an untold speed. The support from the rope is forgotten. It’s only when the snapping sound of the rope breaks the quietness of the moment it is remembered for its roll.

Hi, I got a card from Tony Edge to talk with someone about a fashion line. Would it be good to set a meeting for that?

Depends on the line of fashion.

Mushroom leather-based products.

Give time to decide.

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