Oh, the twisted stories to come.

La Tinta

Thanks for the time and read. Alwaygrateful for the support of the work.

The words are given to deepen the puzzlement.

La Tinta

If the reports are correct. Then news of the janitor being unconfused should not come as a shock. Stood in front of the window to the cell and ask where and why.
What will happen in time? Are the answers sought too much?
We dive deeper into the reports. That happens at six tonight.

Well, good, then report something worth the time to invest.

Here, the egg toast and cheese. Get back to the investment. Not the water thing.

Returning to a bit of news lost on the bedraggled WTP. Chipory has corroborated with the drop cart app for quicker delivery times of the chips. As the information hits, the company now has a hedge fund of buyers behind it. The argument now is being pushed back to the company.

What is going on with the news?

Donnybrooking of the heads to tell the news atypicality of the programs.

The blue flower is the symbol of love and desire. But the question on the mind is what flower was talked of in the rancorous recording of the janitor. Speaking of a mad trip after a blue flower was seen? How will the intensity change? A deeper dive into the literature on the subject leaves more questions than answers, with morning glories, blue lotus, and lily of the Nile.

Wow, in the push for content, missed that the two flowers, the blue lotus and lily of the Nile, are the same. Looking to a top flower list or the news.

Okay, now that it hit the back and forth. SCAN IT.

Going back to the zoned part of the mind for the trade.

A breeze carrying the falling unharmed bunnies needs attention.

The wisdom is near time is not a friend of this fall.

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