Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 47

The step back gives the impression of space. The perspective lesson of “Away forward ink the path.” is ever present in the three-panel world. This commitment to learning is needed when building skills. Substantiation of the craft will be seen over time. Vivaciously, the skills bring life to the drawing. The lines are not playing or are odd in placement. Missed marks are found like a map key guiding the path to be walked for the drawing.
For this piece, the free-handed panel takes over. It places wonderment of what is happing. Is Cohen in the foreground searching a box for a piece of work or a card? Is it for the shadow looking at the cartoon on the wall? Is it the “Which Way Witch” requested two pieces ago? The flower is behind the shadow, while a few bricks pull the eye just a bit more.
The pull from the bricks draws to an empty space in the lost eye panel. Making the eye race to a place piece by Tony for Cohen. A new shadow is the on-looker being watched by another shadow in the background. A line drifting between the two guides the eye to the mind’s path.
The waving hand to the corner of the panel. One eye can be made out in the sketched lines, given the feeling of the fog bank still hanging about the Mind’s path. It leaves alleviated energy after a lively jaunt about the other two panels in the piece. Words can made, or is it steam that only looks like words? The words hanging in the air add a wonderment that coursed in all three panels. A fun puzzle to be pieced together on to-boga. What could be better than that?
All panels have a look and a step back. Allowing the mind to learn and grow. Balance is found in the three-panel world.
The crafting of the world grows little by little.

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

What can be learned? Anything if done the proper way.
Happy To-Boga Wednesday

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  1. Hey there! I’ve been following your work for a little while now. It is 100% truly original! But if I may ask, is this something you plan to issue in book form or anything? If so that would be cool!

  2. 👍👍 I agree will you be publishing a book?

  3. 🤩