Oh, the twisted stories to come.

La Tinta

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the suport of the work.

The work is done with ease in the zone. What work is seen in the post to come? Follow along to know or use the links to what has been done. And remember the words to add to the puzzlement.

So why the back of the TV?

The screen gets watched.

Oh, even when the work is done?


Try not to zone out all day trading.

Okay, finding a chore in a bit, just a few more…


So, the basement is the chore of the day.

Was so worried that the dry would be moved.

It’s 6 o’clock. Where are the members of the family? Cause the news of turned head starts now on line head news.


Bradly Vincent, taken into custody earlier today, left a message that left fear. Given the time, what was said would have just been overlooked. After getting to access the water treatment plant, it was found that morning glories are a part of the filtering system of the water in the first stages. The fear introduced by the message would have gone away.

See, the TV remains in view when eating. Only seems in the morning zone or cleaning.

With the dishes in hand. Now, what about the chips?

Oh, right, advertisement.

Drop cart won’t forget the chips like the store.

Grab chips, please.

A bag of chip chop from the stash box hiding away.

Where is it hiding?

Two legs more than an ant.


sitting on the line

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