Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away forward ink the path

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

A day to pass by, Well with the words here. What can be learned?

Hi there, have a question regarding a piece.


Good morning. Going about and asking questions of a missing person got the time.

The rope’s breaking may be overlooked for a moment as the taring of the strings starts to break. A simple request or an ask to look at something. Granted, the breaking starts where it can’t be seen.

Time marches forward in anything, and stages are set. The view is only revealed when the rope and the pully draw the curtain. The work done till that point goes unseen.

With that entry, the new brings a deceptive look. A rushing brush of the unacquainted space. This can cause the attention to be misplaced for only a moment, like the breaking rope. The rush of things is there to be dealt with.

In need of a card of thanks.

Oh, have a box of cards right here. Have a look at these, or was there an idea in mind?

Why is the blog on the screen?

Well was reading cause the timeline is abided until the last posting.


Got love setting for the work.

The environs of the space allow the rushing feeling of the new work to be seen like a simple dropping vale.

So, a cut, trimming, or fade?

Undecided still. What is the better look?


Waiting on a buy

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