Oh, the twisted stories to come.

A fighters yarn

It is taking a look back to that night over and over. It has made the wonderment grow in trying to talk about it in a way that brings the mind back to a point. It’s easy to overlook the truth of things. The actions before stepping in a ring or the training. It all comes to an end of thinking. The shadow dances to see the reaction or a mirror to give a complete response. In all, the training is to see what the opposite force does… Until stepping in the ring with the embodiment. Determined thinking of the reaction. The caged response of the mind to how it will happen.
The willpower needed to be in the fight is to make the responses the truth. Wisely taking the embodied power and manifestation of a perfected form of the shadow seen during the training. In all, it makes the responses boxed thinking… The reason there is a willpower needed to fight…It could be called a constrained way to think, but that is the truth. Any fighter needs composure. When amidst the mat and step in the ring as been taking.
In the time, the more straightforward thinking is the better thinking. It was after that night and talking of the fight when it struck. While the fight was subjugation, the story is the same. Like stepping inside the boxing ring… That word becomes a droned word when talking of the fight that it gets lost, but it’s the trust word to be spoken. Everything is about boxing the opponent, boxing in the moves. See a shadow thinking turn to throw jabs or hooks that go outside the review for the boxed training. The minds fight to be more. With a caged consideration to guide it. Shaking the fear from the mind and not allowing it to control the mind. Taking the mottled feelings and turning them loose like a tossed robe no longer needed. The fight and fighter meet in the squared ring, ready and a will at the peak. To implement the boxed action unto the embodied reactions trained for.

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

To- Boga Wednesday a new look and ending to a thread. Or is there a stray strain unseen? Guessing that time tells.

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