Oh, the twisted stories to come.

The inked page

Away forward ink the path

A slow twist p2

The numbers for the project are the stepping stone for the shoes to overcome.

The lines for this piece are not right. Wonder if the poster is avoiding the reworked story.


An odd edge p6


La Tinta

A flowing riddled p5

Did the riddle get answered?

Yes, but the nose did have a moving mark.


The nose had a moving mark on it.

That isn’t the only thing?

Noticed, yes, not like it was a drawing error when it’s live-action.

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

A day to pass by, What can be learned? The step back to see the completed work. Three pages to show what was missed and what can be seen.

sitting on a line waiting on a buy

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