Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic number 48

The ever expanding world of “Away forward ink the path” seen in this piece is a flash of the work being done. Bring a mystery to the piece. The depth learned in the last one is on stumble moving to this piece. The layered look gives the push of space but needs to stay tuned to the perspective lessons from the previous. However, that is noticeably used in the lost eye panel of the three-panel world. Lines are placed in the right way to guide an onlooking eye. A distinguishing marking brings the panels’ bars forward in the first look.
The Crossing lines guide till the next softer crossing line. The mind’s path takes the stage of the lost eye world. Taking the eye to a point. Then, leaving it to play about the panel to find the way back to the distinguished lines to guide it to the next panel, but for this viewing, the figure chased throughout 47 pieces is caught? Or is held back for only a moment. What is revealed in the panel is a shadowed figure on steps. Is the unseen figure more or being worked towards in the trip it’s been taking? While looking, the lines behind call the viewer and guide away from the quailing questions leaping in the mind.
With the guiding line back in view, the eye led away. And finds a crossing line to the lost eye panel. A well pushed perspective brings a depth of space to the office floor while shadows pass by. With hatching lines placed lightly to give a base that allows more room to be seen. The panel doesn’t play about losing the eye. It guides it neatly back to the line it started from. Allowing the guided tour to be taken to the last panel. The free-handed panel lays in wait for the view. Given a deep feeling, try to layer it with small drawings on the front and back. The light source will keep giving the layers more effectiveness.
There is talking going on in the drawings. But words are only placed in the small drawings of the free-handed world. The news callouts that started the journey of finding “Away forward ink the path.” are now just footnotes, but then aging.
Things change when they need to on the journey, even with building the website. A building of knowing more and doing more becomes the balancing act, which is a hard lesson to learn at first.

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

What lesson can be learned if only a step back is taken? It does leave wonderment for any mind to ponder.

Sitting on a line waiting on a buy.
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