Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away-ink The comic page

26 SEP 2023

Away forward ink the path

A good turn p4

Might be time for a hobby outside of the piece hanging in the ductwork.

Might need the others redone. They seem off now.


A new place p6

La Tinta

A riddle uncovered p6

Turn it back to 6 hertz and let the sleep play.

Was there a dream?

Sharks hammered the ship from the air.

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

Follow along as the step back to see the completed pages is coming.

But if the questions asked are still there, use the links to read the other part of the story.

Sitting on a line waiting on a buy.

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  4. I really like your work! Thank you!

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