Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic 49

The start of the lost feeling. The collection of “Away forward ink the path” becomes lost. But at first, the lost feeling that is shown is still trying to hold to the format that has been set. In the piece, the mind’s path or free-hand panel is more distinguished in the line work. The weight is felt and guided. The lost eye panel still holds the perspective lesson, but for a single piece, it keeps the eye and takes center stage to introduce the new collection.
The tunneled effect of mazed draws the eye down to the shadows standing still. The shadow seems to be watching the steps taken. Blankness and hatching lines are guides of the panel. Give the lost feeling an odd feel of staying still while admiring the smug effect dressy lines place about. The enchanting thing is the lines guided back to the center. When deciding to stay there, the line allows the free-hand panel to play its part in the story.
A sitting upright Cohen talking to a customer with no words to be seen best to assume conversation. Cohen has the hair in a tied ponytail. A look that Becomes a mainstay look. The wall is a shaking line lightly hidden in the background, making a pop to the solid lines. The small pieces blended into the table and wall almost lost to a fast glance. The box on the table draws attention and gives wonderment, but the dress has hatching lines that grab the attention, and with behest of the rest of the panel, past the flower.
To the mind’s path with a lost feeling that jumps off the page, try to be in harmony of some kind. The figure chased holds a book open and in coherent lines all around. It gives the crying eye to the end more weight to be felt.
Adding more to the website and NFTs at this point leads to the stumbling of the work too much and not enough balance to do it well. Even though the path walked will be a great teacher. The lesson will be hard to learn at first, but like a writing line at the end of a post, it worth the time.

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

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