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Learning the comic50

To grasping at the straws of the work. The overdone piece is turned in while scintillating to look at gleaming the stage of thinking the work has before it gets here. It seems to push items and details. To make the eye viewing move about the page.

The stage is set, and the shadows of the office are the view, letting the eye start with the lost eye panel in a space that is deep with the shadows moving about the office. The miniature piece in the back gives a point of reference to ground the perspective of the drawing. Even when zooming into the piece it’s seen that spend more for result. But that lean gives the rest of the details. The movement of the panel weight causes the office to feel more than it is. Given the wonderment of the work being done on the computer for a moment and with a light line weight, it seems just a lot of windows given no details like the page beside and the overlapping shading for the shadow. Just provide the path to leave the lost eye panel.
Thin lined frames guide to the free-handed panel where a customer would seem to be walking on Cohen’s booth. That mistake gives the panel the space for the foreground of the drawing. And like the lost eye, the trickery of small to move the view about is used to bring in more to the piece. And giving the trickey of movement. The panel runs out of the routine as any illusion would the guided tour of the three-panel world that is “Away forward ink the path” is on to the Mind’s path.
Like the cloudland, it was the last time the dense fog had yet to lift away. Becomes even heavier with the images. The steps from holding the figure. Are those the steps defined by clouds? Where the figure is running away. On what could be a sidewalk holding down a landscaping view of an unseen world. A bird’s flight path, best said to be a serpentine line, guides the eye through the landscape. Undefined markings give the illusion of this panel.
It’s best to say the lessons are paying off. It is a drawing that feels heavy to the eye and does not have much balance, but a fun walk amongst the panels is had. With the lack of words, it’s own little piece of the growing work. Regarding the acronym to-Boga, “To back off and get it all.” That leads to learning from the stumbles made.

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

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