Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away-ink: the shaping comic page

10 OCT 2023

Away forward ink the path

end of the tour p4

The time invested to find the missing worker. Turned up very little.

Was the turnover fully read?

The flower story. Yeah, it’s hard to forget. The worker is an unnoticed worker.

Now, to have a fun time and hope for a good hunt of mushrooms.


the shape is p6

La Tinta

steamy in here p6

The window is up. How is the fan?

Working for now.

Now, to have a nice warming soup on a cold day.

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

With the work set for a step back from the pages. What will the view change? Are the pieces guiding the yarn, or is the yarn guiding the pieces? All puzzles have the contingency, but the whole picture is a joy. Give a follow to see, or use the previos link to see the other parts of the stories.

Sitting on a line waiting on a buy

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