Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic51

The season of Halloween is nearing, and the setup for “away forward ink the path” is ready. The heavy grip of the last straw starts to wane. The images dance to the center of the page, feeling like the change of the three-panel world. It has a force pulling it back in. but the pulling force leaves a question in the mind. A storyline category was added, and the clone did it. The website is just starting out, and the drive to put the post up generates the wrong focus.
The work done was good but a stumbling step. The work is remastered and delivered. “The Clone Did It” is set for a new run, and the storyline shapes the three-panel world.
As for this piece, the hat on the table calls for the guided tour’s anterior. Via a witch shaped hat left sitting on the table. The shadows are darker this time around in the free-handed panel. Giving a fragmented shaping to the drawings. The heavy shadows push the wall far away, giving breathing space to the table for the work to be done. The smaller pieces dotted here and there pull the tour off course for a moment. Only to be guided back by the solid brick line. The flower draws a bit of attention for a moment. It’s leaves can’t hold the tour up.
Fog has been cast as the main star of the mind’s path yet aging. A separating line was a force in the last part of the path. This time, the cleaving feel of the fog brings the composed thinking of the piece. Easy to trek the hatching lines of the panel. Quicking the speed of the tour to give a more lively view. Even if the bird overwatching what looks like a head dumping everything away. To the growing world. The more items given. The more to decide from and get lost in.
But a slapdash of the lost eye panel comes in, bringing the failing grip waning at holding the last straw and deliberately breaking a shadow to the lost mind’s pulling force. The pushing for more makes the office feel rushed and reflects the namesake, the lost eye panel.

The pieces grow hard to explain. That is the fun of seeing the work done. Figuring out the lesson learned and what is needed to continue the work. The lineup of new work and choices being made. What does the upcoming work hold?

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

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  2. The most amazing part of this is the drawing, hell, most of us can wirte and even get a lear story out, but to do it in this form is truly amazing.

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