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Away-ink: Steps to the new.

12 OCT 2023

Away forward ink the path

The path p1

A new adventure awaits in the inner space of the trees. All that needs to be done is to forage about the trees to find what is kept.


A smokey landing p1


La Tinta

The water was p1

It would be sporadic to split from the table, but it is time to clean.
The living room has high dusting, and the kitchen needs a wipe down.

Okay, high dusting sounds fun.

How long should the wait for the delivery guy be? Feel like it’s been…

Used or not

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

Follow here for the next part of the journey. See what already passed with the previous link below. What a way to start the week. Has the ant been sitting there since the chip song? How deep in the woods will the hunt go? Answers come with a follow while the ant song is here. Away-ink the comic page if like to know.

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