Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the Comic 52

Any ingresses are odd if looked at long enough. This piece of the three-paneled world known as “Away forward ink the path” has this piece as a stalwart holder. The faces draw the eye for the looks given, but like any time the tour is taken, the first part to grab the attention gets noted first.
The eye is caught by the conserved look of the mind’s path. Unlike the last few ingresses of the panel, this one is more. The mountain range of the fading fog leaves a way to a new field to see from the top. The chasing of the figure seen in the others is still on. The course is still a choice of how to follow, with a tree that can walked to as well. But which way is correct? Where will either one lead? There was a clear path in the serpentining line or the hatching lines. either choice made leads to the panel’s end and the line to guide to the next panel of the tour.
Bring into focus the lost eye’s panel. A shadow walks down a hallway or low set point of view in the main room. The look of dread is on the face of the shadow, but after noticing the connected line on the back. It guides to a small piece being hung by Tony, with a peeking eye catching the same shadow walking. The breathing stopped, or a wishing to not have been seen as well. The defined look gives a path to a lightly fading line that guides to the panel’s end.
And the last panel to be toured is the free-handed panel. Like always at the booth. The table has a few small pieces for a customer to view. Cohen is snatching a moment with a customer explaining a drawing action or pose. The engaged look of the conversation. It gives the drawing a light, almost energetic feeling. Unlike most times, the shading is well placed, bringing the light and subjects to life. The view is signed off by the flower, giving a moment to set the mode of the day.
The work done for the site and keeping the mind focused till this point is done. The setting for the job is a lot of posts being done. Now, the posting is tied together and done more smoothly, allowing more viewing and less clicking through pages. A return of “The post of __” will be done.
Away forward ink the path, La Tinta and when they are started, The clone did it and Amongest the frames.

Thanks for the time and read. Always grateful for the support of the work.

Happy To- Boga Wednesday. The learning steps taken for the week and time put the lesson into practice. What will be changed or, better yet, what will be found after the week has passed?

Sitting on a line, waiting on a buy.

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