Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic 53

The guided tour of the three-panel world is ready for the week to be brooking down. What was referenced as a loss of grip is still present in the work. The 5th entire in the series, “The Lost Mind,” has been held since then. But at the start of the year, it was called out to balance the work.
A validation of the piece in that regard. When the tour is finished, a new witness will see the errored way. Or better understand. All be it alibi to the content being made without the abstractor of the work to be placed elsewhere. Unlike “Away forward ink the path,” where order world is set in place, even if the style bends to and changes to each world.
The customer at the booth calls the eye to start the tour. The delineated linework is a pushout to the rest of the world. The hatching in the frame adds ornament till it runs out and fades away to match the sidewalk with stippling marks, giving a grounded look. Moving over the sidewalk, the delineated makers are defined to pull the path of the tour. With the first choice of Cohen or flower. And that choice may be different, but on to the odd parts of a booth pushed out to the foreground. Making the placement of Cohen feel off and adding a heavier weight to the customer. A poster placed well enough to call attention for a moment. A brick is placed just beyond, giving an inkling of something more, as does the bug carling on the wall.
The next part of the tour takes the lost eye panel. A mazed path is to be given in the drawing. Easy to be lost in the machine or the broking cupboards just behind the shadow standing reading the directions on a box. Odd placement helps give the perspective a deeper look in the blank space of the page. On the counter, the oddly laid hatching lines provide the path to the end.
Now for the final stop of the tour, “The Mind’s Path.” with this panel, the Inkle is seen looking out a door to the rock that controlled the path last time. Suspicions arise for the blankness found in the panel. For the first time, the name of the figure chased is said, and it’s emptiness that is met. Like the room, the Inkle is standing in only a preached bird outside a door to hear the name.
And depending on the first choice, the flower is starting to open the bloom. Empty brick set behind it a superficial layer. The layers of the work done for the site are building up. The confusion from that, along with the unknowing step for a blog. It makes the lost mind to the work. The weight of which breaks most without a plan or the foresight of a phrase like To-Boga
“To- Back Off and get it All.”‘

Thanks for the time and read.

Always grateful for the support of the work.

As the new week starts after this, ” A Look of…” is the tender look given to the coiled rope to ensure that it’s safe. It’s what can be found inside that makes the look so fun, as the imagination does tend to run away and be more.

Sitting on a line, waiting on a buy.

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