Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away-Ink: A look of…

30 OCT 2023

Away forward ink the path

The answers? p1

Cohen, Did the ladies of Wind get to the booth?

Yes, are you heading there, Jane?

Yes, As a member of the group.

Well enjoy the party, don’t be late and thanks for the work.

Demonstration of the acts played in the smoke made Mitchle feel ill. Even if they were not understood as the action that plays for the night. The fogy figure only kind of seemed to be known.


the yarn is seen p5


La Tinta

The sit in p11

What has been seen will guide the mind’s conversation.


Thanks for the time and read.

Always grateful for the support of the work.

Ahh, what is that? What is seen? Are the tracks being covered? The image is a bit foggy and cut to know the truth, but to this point, the rope twisted is fun and holds the mind. Read over the post made. And follow to see the last part of ” A Look of…”

Sitting on a line, waiting on a buy.