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learning the comic 54

The tour is right this way. Step up to the panel’s see the weight of the lines caught by the eye. At least the world is somewhat kept as the 6th entire of ” The Lost Mind” is made. A short time and the three-panel world seems lost to the twisting content strains. But the hatching is bound to keep the eyes moving the Customers, or even the shadows have anticipations in drawings made, while Cohen and Tony seem shrunken and placed far away. But when the eye takes that first look, the one spot untouched by ink calls out first.
The “Lost Eye” panel is the start of the tour. With a book held by a shadow or a report, maybe? Standing still in the hallway, follow the bent arm points to another shadow. The oddness of the hatching gives a lull of progress to the shadow. A Question has been rung that needs an answer before moving on from the conversation. The hatching lines above the heads of the shadows Give a path to move the eye across, even if there is an enticing reason to stay. One leads to a dead end in the maze, but the other takes the eye to a new panel.
The “Mind’s Path” panel is broking. Incomprehension could be the answer to why. Uncocern of that leaves the strokes of the lines to be free yet have a weight of a wave crushing down. The chased inkle leaves the room, and the distortion breaks the doorway, only a sylphlike figure in the corner. The lines guided the eye back over the drawing to see the last part.
The “Free-handed” panel is the miniature building of the skills. And it’s displayed in the panel. The flower stands out but pulls the eye down. Setting the tone of the tour in this part, the bricks and sidewalk guide to a customer talking at the booth with Cohen. At the same time, the box of pieces is in front and placed on the table. The booth has a miniature drawing and a cost card on the front. Reading the words Brings the shadow into view and a guess that it’s Tony in the shrunken drawing. Placing the next piece to be sold.
The work done was a misstep, but it builds a skill for the future of perspective work. In the form of space building on a blank page to give depth. The use of size and contrast of the figures to push and pull. The skills are essential base thinking, But it’s a skill that develops even more in the artwork. Learning the difference between shading vs texture. There are different ways to move the viewing eye to see more or less.
As the work is ramping back up aging on the site. The time to balance the work is taking. The first book was published on Kobo, a set of pieces from Perplexity, a coloring book. That allows easy use of alcohol or water markers to be done. Zippy Markings is the title, or click the bird that says “book.”

Thanks for the time and read.

Always grateful for the support of the work.


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