Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away-ink: Thou it was empty

07 NOV 2023

Away forward ink the path

The new path p4

After seeing the piece done at the Gallery of Sight, decided to come here and see what is the best seller.

The card of escape or the large posters made from the images requested.

There are footprints in the crums. That might give a way to go.


A place to sit p6


La Tinta

The tasking p6

How is the work being set?

Was wondering how long that take.

Those tablets are hard to come down from.

What trick was used not to be seen?

A dust bunny worked as a costume.

Thanks for the time and read.

Always grateful for the support of the work.

The step back from this may be a need this week to see more. To-Boga is coming, and the following allows a notification of when, and the previous can get the answer day by for now. At least the dailies have bonus work, not on To-Boga and the word for easier viewing.


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