Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning the comic 55

The tour is set to start, but does the page need to look?
Well, let’s say the page is different. Because it’s the same page as the La Tinta takes place on. This step is the first flashing of the next steps. Of what is to come from “Lost Mind,” The work done is needed to find a new path. The page was done on 04 NOV 22 last year. And till the 16th of Feb the following year, the settling steps are taken. Thirty-nine pages were split and cut in Photoshop to make the stories on the site. And the work done guides the work coming for the site. The flash here is the key to the work to pay mind correctly.
The six pieces of a completed page 11×14 page divided into 5x5ish parts were done as one page. That is used for one day. The tour of the page is disconnected without the story that was made for it.
But the depictions on the page do give a new story. Well, a learning story, let the tour of the page start at…
A store door is the first part to call out. A marque above the door says, “John J. Song.” with a wacky inflatable rat by the door, with a sign beside it. A few shadows are inside the store with shelving behind. That does not hold the tour up but adds depth to the space.
The shadows give away what is now a “Used or not” piece, but for the page, it’s a part of “Away forward ink the path,” which adds a bit of fun to the drawing that would be a miniature drawing on the booth. The hatching of the lines gives texture and shading, providing a maze for the eyes to participate in. The cliff holds a whale, and the light tower watcher thinks of changing a light. The hint in the background is a door that gives away to the booth where the changing face of Tony and Cohen are watching something.
Small drawings dot the booth, adding depth to the space given. The darkness of the pen lines provides the shading with a different kind of look. The loss of the grip is in this part of the page. The sad look on the faces truly felt. Giving the faces of the next part more.
Additionally, the work or party is a few shadows talking. Most likely, the flash of what does become late to the party. Weight of the lines gives the depth of the overlapping figures in the room. Until what looks like a water cooler is hit, the next part is brought to be taken part of.
The mind’s path, the loss of grip, and the foggyness of the piece are felt. The fading of Cohen’s face into the lost lines gives a path to take here. The maze makes it easy to be lost in. along with the hiding images in the swilering hole where the spinning of the eye drops to the last part of the tour.
A lamp post that starts the last part off and a fading sky has clouds guide to a tree that is light by the light, and a wall of bricks shows the actual depth learned over the work put into the pieces.
The sidewalk is a fun evening ground that shows the path to seeing Cohen and Tony walking and talking.
After this piece is covered, the next will be a jump to the Work after “Lost Mind,” Which builds the current work, but the work after is more like the rest covered so far.

Thanks for the time and read.

Always grateful for the support of the work.


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