Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away-ink: The spot was…

09 Nov 2023

A day has passed in the work being done. And a short step from twisting is taking, or is it? Things do need a bit of time to be done. In those resting moments, the enjoyment is forgotten to be taken in. What little laughs can be found?

Away forward ink the path

Objects in the way p1

Hey there, Mitchel. Mind a bit of company?

Usually, say nope and have a seat. But Just leaving.

This may be a busy day cause of the gallery of sight.


A top view p1


La Tinta

The interruption p1

A document on a house.



Going inside the forgotten castle, the walls hold stories like any house. But inside this place, the echo is louder. It sends chills down the spine.


Change the ringtone.

Thanks for the time and read.

Always grateful for the support of the work.

New things are fun, and it always try to find the next steps. Be they a friendly offer or a request. It’s being heard that is needed. What will happen in the work to come? The pieces are set up for the week of content. Follow along to see what is next, or take in the last week of work with the links below.


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