Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Away-ink: The spot was…

12 NOV 2023

A day has passed by, and the story twists in an odd way. Does a breaking story give new light? Or is the information passed along something that should have been seen? The view is set to be seen. Where does that lead?

Away forward ink the path

Objects in the way p4

The store at Ominrun Tower was the scene of a break-in. There was little to be found there.

Isn’t that about the same place the flower story was told?

It would seem the box will be sans of work soon.


A top view p4


La Tinta

The interruption p4


Didn’t that get changed?

Guess no for that.

A safe way to hide the old and step into the new with Marlinker.

Guessing it will be. There’s a pill for that soon.

Thanks for the time and read.

Always grateful for the support of the work.

Time for the changes to be made and what needs to be seen? Questions are answered by a follow of the work. And seeing more today is best by using the links below.


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