Oh, the twisted stories to come.

Learning The Comic 56

Undedived panels of work.

The jump of the work lands on a piece that starts the title of “Away forward ink the path” back to the original state of the comic. A three-panel setting that is a guided tour, not the entire page of work that leaves a befuddled feeling. While under the tag NBP _
01-104 of that tag are cut from “Lost Mind” and give a reason for a return to the grounded method found in AUG of the last year that was quicker to draw. Since this was done, the Substantiative of the current NBP files is in the 300-plus mark (105-220), a rope that twists together for the comic. To give “A balancing.” It’s a yarn still like the first unguided yarn zigzagging about, but it’s still fun to see.
With the tour shunted back to the pieces, the eye is grabbed by the mind’s path panel. A disembodied head holds the attention with a waterfall splashing up around it. The color is the calling factor of the panel. The hatchling is done in greens, browns, and blues and deepened by the pen lines to define the shapes, though the figures are not as well defined as the head in the center. The fog has lifted away from the mind’s path allowing the maze of lines to be seen. The new path is ready to be seen, and where will it lead in the coming pieces of work?


For now, it is the free-handed panel to take the tour over, with a few overrunning lines giving way to the flower in the corner where it belongs. The lines from there guide back to Cohen and a customer discussing paying a bill on websites. Posed in front of a poster. Trickey is displayed with a Cohen layered in front of the image, thinking of the cards to be done. The booth returns to the opposite corner of the panel.
The eye gets a quick reference image on the sign that leads to the edge and wanders up to see a soft lead to the office setting. A couple of shadows are there talking or just passing by. A decision is to be made. At the least, a cup of coffee will be a pickup.
With the first entry done for “A Balancing,” the thinking from the start of the year is displayed in the piece. NBP 01-104 made the choice easy to see. Drawing a page of six panels, then using Photoshop to cut the panel loose, and then writing the story was not a good idea. It made more work than was needed, but then aging the creation gave room for two more comics to be added to the site, “La Tinta” and “Puzzlement,” and as Away-ink.com grows, aging with titles like “Used or not” and “Late to the party.” it a wonder to think of what be included next?

NBP 01- 06

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Always grateful for the support of the work.

As To-Boga Wednesday is over with the tour of the panels, which title of the work gives the tour next week will be “Away Forward ink the path” or “La Tinta”? The new week begins for the comic page. What will be the name given for the week? A follow tells the answer. While the links below help see the last week of work and the three-panel tour from last week or start here. Learning the comic 55